Select Your Classification and Package

Step 1: Select which Classification best fits your business needs. If you already have creative, you can select Upload Your Own.

Step 2: Select which Package best fits your advertising message. Information about ad size and cost will appear below the selection fields to help you make your decision. You will need to select between color and b&w templates here.

Step 3: Click the Next button.

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Which Package Should I Pick?
We offer packages that are very cost-effective yet drive results to help you create your advertisement. Depending on your budget and the frequency in which you would like to run your ads, select the package that best fits your needs.

Does Size Matter?

  • The more you tell, the more you sell is an old advertising adage. Determine what it is you want to say to potential customers, review your advertising budget, and then come up with the ad size the best fits your needs.
  • If you are on a limited budget, an ad does not have to be large to be effective. Advertisers have proven it time and again' a large offer in a relatively small space can generate tremendous response.
  • If you are a small company and feel that you can not afford to pay for advertising, you should view advertising as an investment, no an expense. To be most effective with your budget, run smaller campaigns that convey your company's unique product, service, or best offer.
  • saves you money off the standard open rate so you have the flexibility to choose our larger ad sizes or choose to run more frequently.
  • 63% of shoppers use the newspaper as a tool of choice to check out ads. With potential shoppers looking in newspaper, even a small presence is beneficial to your company.